Our Impact

Your support can help us to create a positive impact in local communities in Bradford District. Having distributed over £3.8m in Bradford since 2012, we want to help more local people.

OVer 5 years £3.8 Million Invested in more than 350 grants

supporting 252 groups  & benefiting over 155,000 people 

Last Year over £593,000 awarded

Meet some of the projects we have supported and who have benefited from investment. 

Shine West  Bowling

41,000 children and young people across Bradford District live in poverty but often this poverty affects not just monetary wealth, but aspirations and opportunities. Shine, a youth work charity in West Bowling, received a grant of £10,000 to help support 136 of the most vulnerable young people in the city. Through running drop-ins, outreach work and cook & eat sessions, Shine were able to engage young people who had poor school attendance and were at risk of exploitation. Working alongside parents, local social workers and schools, Shine provided a safe space aiming to keep young people off the street, but also helping to build confidence and encourage aspirations for the long term.

Abigail housing

With increasing numbers of asylum seekers arriving in Bradford many end up destitute at the end of the legal process. Abigail Housing works to promote inclusion and help to prevent homelessness though providing safe, stable housing and support. Before being housed 80% of the residents felt sad and depressed and 75% felt unsafe. The support provided helped to bring about a transformation, resulting in  a 50% drop in feelings of depression and  with 90% of residents feeling safe. In addition to providing accommodation for the residents, Abigail housing, with support from a team of committed volunteers,  also helps to direct residents towards volunteering, English classes, education and sport, helping to prevent isolation and increase integration.

The Sharakat Project

Social isolation can be as damaging to someone’s health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day but for many elderly residents this is the reality they are forced to contend with. Every Monday, The Shakarat Project welcomes up to 20 women, who gather to form ‘The Silver Club’, developing friendships over a hot meal and receiving advice from groups such as Age UK and Bradford Council. A grant of £936 helped ensure that this project continues to help prevent loneliness and improve the wellbeing of those in our district who are often forgotten.

Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank

Bradford has the second highest rate of child poverty in Yorkshire & Humber causing children to be at risk of going hungry with their families often unable to afford to feed them three healthy meals a day. With Bradford having higher than average numbers of underweight children there are concerns not only for the health, but also the educational achievement of these children. Research shows that a good diet is crucial to maintaining concentration at school.  Funding has helped Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank distribute over 11,000 bags of food a year to help these families. A grant of £2,000 facilitated them to provide the daily necessities to ensure that the most vulnerable people across our district are fed.   


Bradford is the youngest city in Europe; giving us the potential for a bright future. Unfortunately, there are those for whom this bright future feels like a distant hope. E:merge is  a youth work charity which helps to inspire those young people involved in crime or substance abuse or at risk of being excluded from education  to transform both their lives and communities. A grant of £8,900 helped to form a ‘Youth Council’ in Bierley, Undercliffe and West Bowling where young people came together to discuss the issues in their community and find common ground tackling them.  By giving them an opportunity to shape their community the project helped to raise confidence and aspirations, build tolerance and friendship across fractured communities and give a voice to those who can feel they have none. 




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