Meet june


“I’ve been in Bradford for twelve years now. I used to live in Bedfordshire. It’s a good community here. Everyone mixes together. I’ve made some good friends.

I’m out of work at the moment. I’m volunteering at a place. So, I’ve been using the job service to look for jobs. SHINE have helped me with the computer and my CV.

I did the nurturing course a while back. It taught me more about children. How to look after them and create positive relationships. It was such a lovely thing to do. Everyone was really nice. And we got small presents at the end of each day. It was wonderful; I really enjoyed that.

I’m also part of the creative threads group. I became involved with them by accident. All I went in there was for a pen. Next thing I knew, I was making bags and hand prints!

SHINE is always there for me. If I need any help with anything. They’ve seen me in tears. If I’ve been upset about something. Without SHINE I don’t know what I’d do. It’s changed my life.”

Shine West Bowling is a local charity based in the top 2% deprived area of West Bowling, Bradford. to a Provident Social Impact Fund grant from the Foundation, they were able to deliver their Brighter Futures project that helped teach struggling local people skills in budgeting, menu setting, shopping and cooking. 

Registered in England & Wales. Company No: 04443312 | Registered Charity No: 1096892.

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